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Summer Camp

Tennis Camp Stamford

Our Summer Training Camp Program has been designed to help players reach their realistic tennis potential by focusing on group and individualized training, tournament planning and goal setting.


Our tournament-level training philosophy is that there is no substitute for fundamentals and hard work. In practice, emphasis will be placed on developing players’ technical and tactical skills in all major areas of play: ground strokes, approaching / passing, net play, serves / returns, point play and competition. Players will have an opportunity to work on their technique while also learning the following skills: point development, aggressive or defensive skills, how to neutralize points or finish points. We will encourage players to develop shot selections and point-building patterns associated with the principles of high- percentage tennis.

Players will test their skills in practice and in tournaments; they will be encouraged to compete with positive and confident attitudes. Technical and tactical components are closely related to one another and are going to be implemented among our players through our unified coaching method.


Our programs also include a daily physical-fitness training program. Fitness and conditioning are major factors in sports today. The goal of our physical-fitness training program will be to challenge each individual to reach his/her full physical potential. We have developed organized group workouts that will address all the components of physical development for a junior tennis player. These will include: movement preparation (dynamic stretching), power and plyometrics, movement skills endurance development, recovery and regeneration (static stretching).

Camp Details:

Orange/Green Ball High Performance Camp

We are looking for the student who has shown interest in tennis and is now looking to train using the same methods applied in our highly successful college prep program. The program is designed by the Director, John DeFilippo who is Chair of the coach’s commission for New England 10 and under tennis.

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High Performance Camp

This program is for the high performance player looking to train and commit to improving their game as they enter the summer tournament season. They will train with John DeFilippo, Director of Tennis who is recognized as one of the top high performance coaches in the northeast over the last 25 years.

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We will have smaller groups with attention to individual player needs. All enrollees must fill out a new registration each year. Payment is due in full with a completed application. Note: There are no make-up days or credits for time missed. Any unusual circumstance such as an injury or unforeseen personal problem should be brought to the attention of the Director.