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Tournament Results


Weekend of  October 13th – October 14th

Tournament: Rocky Hill, CT

Level: L5/ U18 girls

Isabella Koziol reached the quarterfinal, finished 5th

Lilly Ma reached the quarterfinal


Jordan Soifer reached the final

Aiden Reilly reached the semifinal, finished 3rd

Eric Stein reached the round of 16

Jason Lee reached the round of 16

Tournament: Manchester, MA

Level: L6/ U16 boys

Tighe Brunetti won the tournament

Dylan Koziol reached the final

Ethan Zhang reached the semifinal


Terrence McGrath won the tournament

Tournament: Weatogue, CT

Level: L5/U14 girls

Lane Durkin reached the round of 16

Lauren Zhang reached the round of 16

Tournament: Branford, CT

Level: L6/U12 boys

Ryan Benoit reached the final

Callum McCracken reached the quarterfinal


Kyle Patrick reached the quarterfinal