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Tournament Results


Weekend of  June 1st-June 2nd 

Dorchester, MA

Level: L4/ U14 girls

Lauren Zhang reached the semifinal, finished 3rd

Lane Durkin reached the quarterfinal

Beverly, MA

Level: L4/ U12 boys

Ryan Benoit reached the quarterfinal, won the consolation

Ryan Karam reached the quarterfinal of the consolation

Trumbull, CT

Level: L4/ U12 girls

Olivia Koziol won the tournament

Branford, CT

Level: L6/ U12 boys

Jonny Guo reached the final


Kyle Patrick won the tournament

Teddy Callery reached the final

Anders Mueller reached the quarterfinal


Ryan Patrick reached the final

Stamford, CT

Level: L7/ U14 girls round robin

Ava Decastro won two out of two matches

U12 boys

Omar Rhazali won three out of three matches

Norwalk, CT

Level: L7/ U14 boys round robin

Grant Pittaro won two out of three matches